You can find the Equality Act here. The part that deals with ‘reasonable adjustments’ is section 20, and you can find it here. In addition to the legislation there is a statutory code of practice.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission provide the statutory code of practice that accompanies the equality act here, and also additional guidance for service providers here.  The is also specific advice for shops and petrol stationshotels, restaurants and pubs; hairdressers, barbers and hair salons; amongst others on the site. If you are also an employer you can find your duties in respect of workers and employees here, here and here.

There are also some links for pages that will be updated over time about the level of award to claim in cases of discrimination.  For example you can see this case attracted a £3000 award in a case where there was access but assistance was required to get into a restaurant. In another case a man that was served on the street by his local bank was awarded £6500 and the bank was ordered to do building work costing £20,000.

An oft quoted authority comes from Lord Justice  Sedley in his judgment on the case of Roads v Central Trains Ltd [2004] EWCA Civ 1541. While the judgment precedes the Equality Act 2010 it remains relevant.  He said:

the policy of the [1995 Act] is not a minimalist policy of simply ensuring that some access is available to the disabled: it is, so far as reasonably practicable, to approximate the access enjoyed by disabled persons to that enjoyed by the rest of the public.

This sentiment is reiterated in the Equality and Human Rights Commission guidance.